12 May, 2008

Daytime Television: A Sad, Strange World

You are ...NOT the father!

So, I was sitting at home the other day, flipping channels between the Maury show and the Today show, and all the other shows that show up on weekday mornings on broadcast TV, but I stopped on Maury because he's usually the most lascivious. On that day, Maury was revealing some exciting Caught On Tape footage, and he was discussing the outrageousness of it all with a certified specialist, some sort of therapist-type woman, who's gregarious personality and wide smile perfectly matched her simple, moralizing "advice."

Maury and the therapist-type were talking about a man who videotaped unknowing women in his massage studio, in various states of undress. Boos! Jeers from the live studio audience! He's a sick man! Those poor women! Well, of course they didn't show the actual video--that'd just be in bad taste. So instead they hired actors to "dramatize" the salacious invasions of this most intimate privacy. They hired women to strip to their underwear. For their cameras. They videotaped women, in various states of undress. To publicly scold a man who videotaped women in various states of undress. The live studio audience, of course, cheered when the therapist-type announced the man's prison sentence.

All in all, I don't really understand daytime television. Watching it really just bums me out. I mean, all it is is advertisements for diets and exercise programs, Associate's degrees, high school diplomas, game design classes, and airplane maintenance licensure programs, in between court shows, talk shows, soap operas, and The 700 Club. I mean, c'mon! What kind of sad, pathetic person watches The 700 Club?!? ... ... Well, I guess the same kind of person who'd condemn a man for doing THE EXACT SAME THING THAT THEY'RE DOING! I guess it's okay for women to be taken advantage of, as long as their bodies are being displayed to thousands of TV viewers, and she's getting paid for it. ...Hypocrites!