23 August, 2008

'The Dark Knight' Is No Longer The Best Movie Ever

The Dark Knight has been downgraded from the top spot of the IMDb Top 250. I find this news welcoming. If you want to know why, you can read my rambling response to the movie here.

Selling the Katsak: A Dirty Job

I want to buy whatever Mike Rowe is selling. Like, for example, the Katsak Cat Toy.

And the S.S. Noah Carry Bag ("Mainly it's just a novelty bag. If you really need a lot of carrying space, you probably don't, you know, want this."). And the Original Lava Lamp ("It does get warm. Not scalding hot. ...Just a tad warm.").

See these and other choice selections from early '90's QVC, starring Discovery Channel regular Mike Rowe, over at Clary Novels.

Listen Up!: 'That Handsome Devil'

New music:

Artist: That Handsome Devil
Song: Wintergreen
Album: A City Dressed in Dynamite

There Is A Small Possibility That Swiss Scientists Will Kill You

We're about two weeks away from the opening of the Large Hadron Collider, a 17-mile-long particle accelerator located just outside Geneva. With this new accelerator, scientists will be able to look at particle physics like never before. One of their lofty goals is to create, ahem, black holes. ...Real black holes. ...Molecule-consuming, eat-everything-in-their-sight-including-LIGHT-for-Christ's-sake black holes. And just look at that Swiss guy in the picture. He doesn't look worried at all.

I guess it's pretty unlikely that the Large Hadron will swallow up the universe and destroy us all. Gail Collins of the New York Times is comforting in her op-ed, though she admits that in physics, "there is no such thing as zero chance." And a panel of scientists released an official report reviewing the safety of the experiments, and they deemed the whole endeavor totally okay (although why they even had to assess the safety in the first place is a little eerie).

Whatever. I think it's pretty dang cool. Science rules! And don't you forget it! (Or else.)

You can read more specifics on what the particle accelerator actually does here.

Boohbah at War

[Wipes tear from eye.]
God bless you, you brave gentlemen!

"Fabio has one of the world's premiere home entertainment systems. Which he installed himself."

John and Kara and I were talking about Fabio earlier today at work. It started when John asked me if I was growing my hair out (The hair on top of my head, that is. Not my mustache. See the last blog post.). As if! Long hair on dudes is gross! He countered by mentioning Fabio and his golden locks. Still, No. But it got us thinking, that we didn't know what Fabio was up to nowadays or where he was currently living. Or, for that matter, where he was originally from. What's his story?, we wondered.

That's when Kara came in the office. She knew that Fabio was Italian (that was my guess!), and, since it was a slow work day, decided immediately to look him up on IMDb for more info. Thanks, Kara!

Did you know that Fabio was born at 11pm? Or that he is an avid motorcyclist? And while you should know that he has modeled for the covers of over 250 romance novels, did you know that he has written his very own romance novel ('Pirate,' pictured), for which he also modeled?!?

From IMDb: "His fragrance is 'Mediterraneum' by Versace."
And, frankly, don't we all want to smell like Fabio?

Mustache Update!

If you've visited either my MySpace or Facebook profiles lately, you've seen my new (old) default pic, featuring an awesome version of a 'stache, all over my face! Check it out!:

But ...it's kind-of a lie! This is an old picture, from the last time I "grew" out my mustache a couple years ago.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm "growing" it again, and I'll post new pics when it looks good enough (never)!