05 June, 2008

"I can't just sit at home and do nothing..."

The deadly earthquake that hit China nearly a month ago continues to deeply affect a lot of people. Cartoonist Coco Wang has written and drawn some amazing sequential art, documenting real-life stories of hope and tragedy. Read the ongoing set at paulgravett.com.

Wang writes: "Thousands of heart-breaking stories are happening 24 hours non-stop everyday, some are so sad that you can hardly bear, some are incredibly moving that you just can't stop crying... I wanted to go to the front to help with all those people ... but I heard that the traffic needed to be kept totally clear for rescue transportation at the moment. ... I have never felt more proud of my country and people ... their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I am going to send you comic strips almost everyday from now on, I hope you could know something about the earthquake in China, although you don't have to do anything, but I hope you could feel our love and hope."

Read the ongoing collection here.

04 June, 2008

"When I Fart, I Look Behind Me," and Other Bon Mots

David Sedaris visits The Daily Show, promoting his new book "When You Are Engulfed in Flames," and riffs on the Japanese and quitting smoking.

02 June, 2008

Sigur Rós & Ryan McGinley

Sigur Rós has a new single, "Gobbledigook," available for download from their official website. It's a pretty sweet song, and it's got a great-looking video to go with it (which is also available, exclusively, on sigurros.com).

(A warning: nudity and puns to follow!)

Stereogum uses the phrases "cheeky (as in ass-y)" and "We can Sigur asses, guys" in their write-up on the release, because both the video and the album feature the work of photographer Ryan McGinley...who, well, usually sometimes features naked people.

But don't let that deter you. Or arouse you, for that matter. McGinley is a really talented artist. So just like I'm excited for the new Sigur Rós, I'm excited to take this opportunity to look at some of my favorite photographs of McGinley's:

(Whoa! Slow down. Take your time and look at them again. Probably while listening to Sigur Rós.)

...So, um, in summation: Sigur Rós' new album, með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, drops stateside June 24th.

And, because I just can't pass him up, here's McGinley's portrait of Michael Cera for this year's NY Times Magazine Oscars feature:

You go, George Michael!