10 August, 2008

My Favorite Part of the Opening Ceremony Was...

...when it was revealed that it was peopleand not machines or computers or hydraulics systemsthat were controlling those mesmerizing, moving blocks!

Plus, their waves, after they peeked their heads out, were just adorable!

Spider Guts All Over My Finger! Gross!!

I like bugs. I do not, however, like poisonous black widow spiders living underneath my patio furniture. When this happens, I like to introduce these widow spiders to a friend of mine: the hammer. (And that's not a nickname for something. I really just mean a big ol' hammer.)

This evening, one particularly meaty spider decided, for whatever reason, that she was intent on doing as much harm to me (sans biting) as she could, and in her last, vain attempt at vengeance--at the moment of hammer-to-spider impact--she sprayed her disgusting insides all over my finger. It was gross. Really, really gross.

I guess that'll teach me.