22 September, 2008

Heard The New Bond Theme?

No? Well here it is:

I like it. I think it's...good. Really pretty good. But not great. Not "Goldfinger" great, and certainly not "GoldenEye" great. But really pretty good. Of course it means nothing without the accompaniment of Bond titles. They add so much.

Thanks to stereogum.

For better audio, check out the official stream.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, did I ever tell you how much I love ELO's "Evil Woman"? No? Well here it is:


Think how I think. said...

ELO is awesome and "Evil Woman" is a classic. Good work.

New Bond theme is good, but you're right.... could use some Tina Turner.

Juli said...

I've always been partial to Strange Magic.